Next season:

10. January 8pm CET




The general guideline for our league is we race hard but fair, without contact in accordance with standard racing rules and regulations.


All flagrules are in effect , no overtaking in yellow flag sectors. Normal race conditions are restored with green flags. (if you overtake during a yellow flag and hand the place back its all good)


All races will be reviewed for infractions , incidents or rule violations. A post race rapport will be posted in the forum after each race. .


We want to preserve the good natured spirit of online gpl racing and we expect the same from all who participate in our league.


All races are hosted in 60fps, lasting around 45 minutes, Shift-R is NOT allowed in both qualifying and race, and damage mode is Realistic.


Qualifying is 60 minutes.


Championship points will be awarded like this:

1. = 12 points.

2. = 10 points.

3. = 9 points.

4. = 8 points.

5. = 7 points.

6. = 6 points.

7. = 5 points.

8. = 4 points.

9. = 3 points.

10. = 2 points.

In addition drivers will get points for:

- Pole Position: 1 point

- Fastest Lap: 1 point

80% of the race must be finised to score position points.


We are the moste reaistic GPL league out there. Why? We are using the dirtgear patch v71 by Olaf Lehman. This patch introduces the following factors into our races. - Repair - Tirechange - Tirewear - Dirty tires effect - Break Balanse Repair or tirechange : If the driver can get to the pits the car can be repaired. Stop at your pit board and the car will simulate being jacked up by bouncing like it does when you perform a shift + r. From there you have approx 10 seconds to choose your pit option. Put the car in reverse to activate the repair function. This takes 15 sec. When the car drops (bounces) you are good to go. Choosing any other gear than reverse (even neutral) activates the tirechange function. This also takes 15 seconds. The car will not be repaired. Its one function at a time. Tirewear : Self explanitory. Tires will wear down and eventually go out completely. It depends on the aMt. of spin and lock up in a race. A driver should be able to drive a full hour pro race or a two hour gp race without changing tires. We recommend every driver to read the "updated read me" file included in the download for further details as to how tirewear works. Practicing with it is also a good idea to learn how it works. Our racelength being 45 min in all "normal races, and 90 min in the yearly final should challenge drivers to maintain good speed also in the end of all races, when tires starts to wear out. Dirty tires effect : Grass and gravel will make tires slippery for a few corners \ seconds. This is also a common effect in most racing sims nowdays and one that most drivers should be familiar with. Once you experience it you know how it works. This patch also has 60 fps built into it. Its not recommended to run the 60fpsv2 and the 60fpsv2newmod alongside this patch. There is no need. The patch can be downloaded here:Dirtgear v 71 Finally we remind drivers that if you can't get to the pits your race is over. You also need to complete 80 % of the race to be eligable for points.